Philadelphia Full Service Dine-In Catering

The Catering Group can help you make the best of any event, big or small, thanks to our full service dine-in catering services. We will happily work out of any suitable location, from private homes to rented dining halls, and will take care of everything from setting up, to service, to cleaning up. Each and every member of our staff is experienced and extremely courteous and professional, from event planners to cooks and waiters. Trusting The Catering Group to cater your special occasion means a hassle-free, affordable and truly amazing experience.

We have been offering full service dine-in catering services in Philadelphia for many years. We have catered events such as weddings receptions, intimate dinners, corporate and business functions, private parties, fundraisers, bar/bat mitzvah receptions and many more. We have proudly built an outstanding reputation by using only the best and most fresh ingredients, and creating exciting and beautiful food for each and every one of our clients.

Our event and menu planners will work with you to ensure that the menu, service and every other detail is exactly as you had envisioned it. They will also be happy to make modifications to the original plan as necessary, and will keep you informed of any relevant detail. Our chefs will work with you to make sure that the food is to your taste, and every member of our staff will readily answer any question you may have.

The Catering Group's only goal is to ensure your and your guests' entire satisfaction. Excellent service and planning are essential to the success of your catering event. Delicious and appealing food is also a must. We strive to offer each and every one of our clients the very best in every area for a memorable experience.

Our chefs have wonderful dishes for diners who require special accommodations, such as those suffering from food allergies, or who prefer not to eat or drink certain foods, such as vegetarians and vegans. Every member of the cooking staff has years of experience and training, and are adept at preparing meals of all origins using even the most exotic or unusual ingredients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, and for a free estimate.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, and for a free estimate.

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